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Lighting the Way to Pre-Arrangement

Why Pre-Arrange?


Funeral pre-arrangements allow a family the choice of how a life will be remembered at the time of death.  Pre-arrangement also spares grieving family and friends the emotional and financial decision process at such a difficult time.  With business taken care of in advance, loved ones can celebrate life and mourn death with the burden of planning and paying for a funeral.

What can be expected when meeting with the Funeral Director? 


A funeral director or a Pre-Arrangement Counselor can meet with the family at their residence or at the funeral home to learn about their lives and what is important to them.  Then a legally-required standardized statement of goods and services will be presented to show the various products and services that can be selected as well as their current day cost.

Do it Today!


Families that see the value in pre-planning, even it is information only, gain great peace of mind knowing that their family will not have to make those difficult decisions on the worst day of their life.

What's my next step?


Are you ready to learn more about how funeral pre-arrangement can benefit you and your loved ones?  Contact us Today at 228-436-6589.

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